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Create Reader-Generating Content for Your Author Website

If the Reader Machine is like a battle plan, the Content Creater is the secret weapon. Using the reports generated by the Reader Machine, you'll learn what to write, and if you want to be able to write the articles in record time and bring in traffic even faster, you'll want the Content Creater in your arsenal. I created it for my team to use, then realized what a game-changer it could be for authors. I blew my own mind with its potential, and I want to blow your mind too! 

Turn Your Idea into An Organized Article Outline!

Our Auto Outline Feature is a revolutionary tool designed to streamline the blogging process for authors and content creators. 

You can generate a comprehensive outline for your article with just the click of a button. Say goodbye to writer's block and the daunting task of structuring your posts. The Reader Machine Content Creator takes your initial ideas and transforms them into a detailed, organized outline, complete with section headers that guide your writing journey from introduction to conclusion. This ensures your content is not only engaging but also well-structured and reader-friendly.

Optimize as You Write: SEO-Enhanced Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Content

The Reader Machine Content Creator enhances SEO approaches with its instant generation of keyword-focused titles and meta descriptions, keeping your article optimized throughout. This tool aids in creating compelling content while maintaining SEO objectives, dynamically adjusting as you write. It analyzes keyword density and SEO practices, ensuring your article from headline to conclusion is optimized for search visibility. This integration of content creation and SEO optimization boosts traffic and rankings, preserving your writing's natural quality. If you have no idea what all that means, you are in luck. Because in a nutshell, this tool does everything for you to make sure your articles are just the way search engines like to find them!

Customize Your Voice: The POV Feature for Tailored Content Styles

The Reader Machine Content Creator's POV (point-of-view) feature revolutionizes content creation by allowing you to choose a unique voice and style, from the creativity of a science fiction author, to the wit of a humorous chef, or the authority of a college professor. Select your voice, and the tool adapts its writing to match, ensuring your content engages and resonates with authenticity.

Customize Your Content: Flexible Article Length Selection

The Content Creator's Article Length Selection feature offers great flexibility, enabling you to customize your content's length. Opt for a brief article with an introduction, several sections, and a conclusion, or a detailed "Skyscraper article" with up to 8 sections and FAQs. This adaptability ensures your content meets your goals and engages your audience effectively. With the power to adjust your article's scope, the Content Creator helps you craft well-paced, informative content tailored to your readers.

Get a Site Review

After implementing the strategies from the Reader Machine, you have the unique opportunity to submit your site for a manual review. Our team will carefully examine your content and overall site structure, providing personalized feedback and actionable suggestions for improvement.  It’s a valuable chance to refine your site’s performance and elevate your online presence with expert guidance.

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