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QuickWrite is the futuristic, life-changing, research-doing, word-writing, magical tool that allows fiction authors to get their books written 10X faster.

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QuickWrite is the only fully featured AI focused on the daily tasks that fiction authors use!

QuickWrite is Built For All Fiction Authors:

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QuickWrite is a powerful author-focused AI that helps you rapidly complete creative and mundane tasks in a fraction of the time. This AI assists you in writing, brainstorming, marketing, and admin tasks. QuickWrite is cloud-based software you access from your browser and use to create virtually limitless amounts of content.

  • Access to Fiction Tools
  • Access to Marketing Tools
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Training Video Library

create original images IN A click

Stock photos, illustrations, sketches! Create original images in seconds in a variety of styles. The possibilities are unlimited.


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Created with QuickWrite

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QuickWrite helps authors create well-rounded characters by providing in-depth backstories, personality traits, interests, physical descriptions, and more. This AI also helps ensure that each character is unique and has a distinct personality, which helps to make the story more exciting and enjoyable to read.

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If you're a fiction author, then you know how important it is to create a believable and compelling world for your story. However, it can be challenging to come up with all the details that make a world feel real. That's where QuickWrite comes in.

QuickWrite helps you create dynamic and believable worlds for your stories. It's easy to use and has various features that will make your world-building process more accessible than ever.

This feature is the perfect tool for any fiction author who wants to create a diverse and more believable world for their story.

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Master World-Building 

Quickly Evaluate Scenario Options

If you're an author looking for help coming up with original scenarios, QuickWrite will be a game-changer. Using QuickWrite to generate ideas and evaluate options, you can quickly develop new ideas for stories and figure out which ones are the best. The benefit? You can save a lot of time and create better stories!

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Did you know that the most common questions from fiction author's on Google are small research tasks like Orc Names, Pirate Ship Names, and Great Weapon Names?

We all know how important it is to develop unique items and elements for your fiction books. However, it often takes a lot of work to craft something completely new. That's where QuickWrite can help! QuickWrite instantly reduces research time by tapping into a vast pool of data and ideas to help you create new and unique items for your books.

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Key Item Creator 

Quickly Create Perfect

Book Titles

If you're an author looking for some help coming up with a compelling book title, look no further than QuickWrite! Enter a few keywords related to your book's topic, and this AI will generate a list of potential titles crafted just for you.

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Even More Fiction Tasks

QuickWrite offers endless ways to help you with your fiction writing, from rephrasing your text to researching and creating anything to make you write brilliant words easier!

But What AboUT Book MARKeTING

Quick Write has you covered!

Authors must stay connected to their readers through email since it's one of the best ways to promote their work and inform them about your latest release, events, and news.

With QuickWrite, crafting a compelling email has never been easier! All you need to do is enter the necessary key details, then let the AI create the email you'll send to your list of potential readers.

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Email Creation

Quickly Create Social MEdia Posts

QuickWrite can help make social media content creation easy and fun so that you can stay top-of-mind for all your readers! With QuickWrite, you can develop ideas and create content, including done-for-you Facebook posts, author-centric Instagram captions, catchy LinkedIn articles, and more.

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Blogging has become an increasingly popular way for fiction authors to connect with potential readers and promote their work. A blog post can bring in like-minded readers from organic search traffic by sharing content on a specific genre.

Blogging is a low-cost and effective way to grow your audience. However, the task can be time-consuming for many. That's where QuickWrite comes in handy! QuickWrite can help you write genre-specific blog content quicker than ever.

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Blog Post 

Everything You Need for Your Podcast

QuickWrite is the perfect tool for fiction authors who have or want to create a podcast! With QuickWrite, you can easily create all the templates, scripts, and outreach copy you need to grow your audience with a podcast. QuickWrite makes it easy to start your podcast and keeps you organized so you can focus on creating great content.

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What  People  Are  Saying  About  QuickWrite...

I love how much time and headache QuickWrite saves me when I need to write blurbs and ad copy. Those two aspects of my author career have always been a bit of a thorn in my side, but with QuickWrite, I'm no longer dreading tackling them!

And not only for new releases - after rewriting book descriptions of older series, I started seeing an uptick in sales.
QuickWrite is one of the best investments I've made for my author career.

Kyra Fox

Romance Author

I work as a staff engineer in the software industry. I'm a slow writer and QuickWrite helps me speed up the process. With the help of QuickWrite, you can create an outline of the thing you need to write. It can even help you produce some of the content. You will have more time to add your own experiences and knowledge to the finished text. Thanks to QuickWrite, I'm now thinking about writing a short book, which I couldn't have done before. It's like having a private researcher and writing assistant.

Markus Westergren

Staff Software Engineer

AI in my writing is something I didn’t think I would ever use, but curiosity pushed me to try QuickWrite and it has won me over. This program is specifically for writers and, unlike what I was concerned about, that it would write my story and not be my book, my writings, but that has not happened. QuickWrite only did what I asked for the program to do, give me ideas, prompts, suggestions that I use as a springboard to my work. My readers want my books written by me, and that is what they get. I have rewritten book descriptions, seen outline suggestions, used plot and writing prompts to liven up a middle of the book slowdown, and more. What often happens is I have an idea and I pose it to QuickWrite program and possible developments which I frame to meet my style and my direction in the book. It’s great when I am trying to describe a situation and can’t get it just right. With QuickWrite, all the worries that I have had with using AI didn’t arise. It’s like you are in a group of authors brainstorming ideas and fielding suggestions for your next novel or series. You take those ideas and write your own book. I’m hooked.

Alyssa Bailey

Author of Stryker's Girl 

As a new writer and someone who's wanting to become more prolific, I saw your tool as an incredible way to do that!.

So far, I have tested about three other interfaces for AI, and hands down every time I compare the same prompt, I get much better information from QuickWrite. I don't know why that is or how it works but I don't care, your product continues to come up with the best output. QuickWrite is easy to use and it takes no time to get oriented. It is a clean and intuitive interface with all sorts of options for what we want to write. Thank you for this wonderful tool!
I can't wait to see all of the features that you add, and I'm so glad that I got in on the ground floor!

Patty Burgess

President of Possibility

I'll admit I was a little skeptical about QuickWrite when I first saw it. I had been subscribing to another AI system for a while, but then I started experimenting with it. Oh. My. Gosh. Not only has the output been better and better targeted for my needs, but it keeps getting better. The outputs are better. The ease of use is better. I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription to the other service! I highly recommend QuickWrite for writers and authors. It is an excellent system for jumpstarting your own creativity and is fairly easy to use. If you're looking for an easy-to-use AI system that will help you write more faster, easier, and more efficiently ... QuickWrite is what you're looking for! 

Carma Spence


I'm a self-published author just completing a novel. For me, writing a novel is far easier than synthesizing the story down to a brief description or coming up with a one-line tagline. QuickWrite did the job quickly and well. Plus, by simply pressing the Generate Content button, it created multiple alternate descriptions and taglines that I could choose from! I also tried the plot suggestions option and was impressed by the plot descriptions. It provided character names, a solid storyline, and a variety of potential challenges to be overcome by the protagonist(s). QuickWrite is like having a team of brainstormers available 24-7.

Maureen Romagnoli

Author and publisher (Romagnoli Publications)

QuickWrite has been a game changer. My day job is in marketing but I am also a fiction author. I have used QuickWrite to get past the “blank page” feeling in my work life, and have used the character description section of the fiction AI to brainstorm villains and their motivations. In no case have I used what QuickWrite generated verbatim. That’s not really the point. But it has been a great jumping off point for everything I do. Would HIGHLY recommend! 

Amy Mertz

Messaging expert and fantasy author (under A.E. Kincaid) 

As a professional freelance editor, I am used to suggesting stronger descriptions in the book proposals I am hired to edit.

After struggling with rephrasing an especially weak one, I decided to see what suggestions QuickWrite might offer. Not only did I get several usable options that I was then able to tweak to work for my client, but QuickWrite makes it easy to save them for future reference as we continue to polish the writing.

Candace Johnson

Change It Up Editing

Quick Write


Is this doing the writing for me?

No. There is no substitute for an author willing to put in the time to craft perfect prose and create entertaining stories. However, QuickWrite can help with research and assist with tasks that will save you time and allow you to get back to writing.


What is Your Refund Policy?

Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee fully protects you. If you don't find value in using our Procast Tools over the next 30 days, just let us know, and we'll send you a prompt refund.

What Else Can QuickWrite Do?

Here are just some of the things QuickWrite can do for you:

  • Reduce research time with access to a vast pool of data and ideas for key elements and items for your book.
  • Develop well-rounded characters with backstories.
  • Master world-building in seconds that complement your storyline.
  • Get original scenarios that provide multiple options so you can create better stories.
  • Craft a compelling email with the click of a button.
  • Write sales copy for your book with ease.
  • Social media content creation for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn articles.
  • Genre-specific blog content you can use to get traffic to your website or blog.

HOW Much Content/ credits do i get?

AI tools like this usually cost credits to generate content. How much content/credits do I get?

Because this is the beta launch, it means you’re an early adopter.

To reward you for being an early adopter, we do not limit words or credits for your account. However, your account is limited to one user, and sharing your login with others is prohibited.

After we close this mind-blowing deal, future customers who use QuickWrite will be charged a monthly/yearly fee.

You — on the other hand — as long as you sign up before the launch ends… you get to enjoy QuickWrite for an affordable one-time fee (with no recurring charge).

Which Tools do I get access to?

You get access to all the tools inside QuickWrite, including others released in the future.
These include but are not limited to the following:
Plot Suggestions
Create a Character Description
Write a Background or Backstory Description
Create a Unique Name for a Character, Location or Item
Create a Book Title
Create a Book Description
Rewrite an Existing Book Description
Create a Writing prompt

Create a Book Title
Create a Book Description
Rewrite an Existing Book Description
Create a Book Outline
Create a Chapter Outline
Create a Content Section

Marketing/ Business:
Video Sales Letter
Social Media Post
Twitter Post
Sales Copy
Business or Product Name
Business Plan
Business, Product or Service Description

Brainstorm Article Ideas
Create Article Titles
Blog Outline
Blog Intro
Blog Sections
Blog Conclusion
Meta Description

How does QuickWrite work?

QuickWrite analyzes a user's writing style & intent. Then it generates content using a combination of advanced artificial intelligence, proven writing frameworks, and natural language processing algorithms.

Fully Backed by our 100% Risk Free Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like our amazing software, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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QuickWrite is Built For All Fiction Authors:

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